Susan Eribarne, Clinch-Powell Client Development Manager

Susan Eribarne is Clinch-Powell’s Counseling and Client Development Manager. She has been with Clinch-Powell since 2008 when she began serving as an Appalachia CARES AmeriCorps member, and became a full time staff member in 2010. She is considered by her peers to be one of the most knowledgeable foreclosure counselors in the state.

Suzie’s role at Clinch-Powell is special, not only due to her expertise, but also because of her story. Suzie was living in Arizona when the housing crisis took the nation by storm. In 2007 she lost her job. She worked several part time jobs trying to make ends meet, but just couldn’t weather the storm. She lost her home and was forced to file bankruptcy. Her parents were already living in Rutledge, TN, where her mother was caring for her ailing father. Suzie decided it might be a good time to move closer to family, so she sold some of her things, including her truck, packed up what was left, and headed to Tennessee. With the money she had left, she pre-paid three months’ rent on a house not far from her mom’s place and began looking for work.

She saw that Clinch-Powell had an opening for an AmeriCorps position, applied, and was able to get an interview. Executive Director Lindy Turner asked her to tell her story and decided that her personal experience would make her ideal to assist clients with foreclosure issues. Suzie completed her first training in Memphis shortly after and has been a valuable part of Clinch-Powell’s counseling team since. She now works not only in foreclosure, but also counsels those who are working toward the goal of homeownership, and heads up our property management department. Suzie’s AmeriCorps service went on to inspire a legacy of service as well. Both of her daughters followed in their mother’s steps and served with Appalachia CARES, AmeriCorps. #30years #30faces