David Lietzke, Clinch-Powell Board of Directors Longest Serving Member

Dave is Clinch-Powell’s longest serving Board member, providing twenty-six years of dedicated service. He began his service in September of 1993 after being appointed as the “At Large” member by then County Mayor Mickey Hammer. At that time, under the Resource Conservation and Development Council designation, county mayors were required to sit on the board and appoint some selected members.

Dave is a retired Soil Scientist, but still lends his expertise on Clinch-Powell’s land acquisition/new construction projects and volunteers his services to the county when needed. In addition to his volunteer work with Clinch-Powell, he serves as secretary for both the Grainger County Planning Commission and the Joint Economic and Community Development Board and is the president of the Industrial Board.

Dave has enjoyed watching Clinch-Powell’s evolution of services throughout the years. “I always felt like the human resource piece was as important as the agricultural and conservation part of what we do. Clinch-Powell does good work,” he says. We are so appreciative of Dave. His expertise, experience and dedication to the community are a valuable piece of Clinch-Powell’s leadership.